Good Clean Fun
NZ’s first hard sparkling

4.6% alc/vol

Low-sugar, low-carb, low-calorie




We know a lot of kiwis enjoy a tipple, so why not help out along the way?

At Native, we want to make sure there’s a better choice. 10% of profits goes towards protecting and sustaining our native New Zealand wildlife. So go on, grab a drink and feel that good karma roll in!

Meet Pūmanawa - the first kiwi of the 2019 breeding season at Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre.

Native is proud to sponsor this little kiwi from hatching to release.



Our drinks are simple – sparkling water, fermented and distilled cane sugar, a dash of real fruit juice and a hint of stevia. That’s it!

Each can boasts (pretty much) no sugar, carbs or fats and only 85-100 calories.


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Native believes in making positive environmental changes simple and fun. We contribute to conservation projects by creating an easy avenue for everyday consumers to make a difference to our native species.

Native is perfect for any occasion with a 4.6% alcoholic kick! It fits in just as well at the beach BBQ as it does at Friday night drinks.

 Nutritional info

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